How to Download Install Android Games in Five Easy Steps

We are going to take a completely different route today! In other words, we will be doing something completely different from our normal way of doing things. So, I have been getting a lot of emails on how to install Android games on an Android powered devices. if you fall into the category of such people then smile because today is your lucky day. We will show you in a step-by-step process how to find, download, install and start playing best android games on your mobile phone. If you are excited, let’s get started.

Installing Mobile Games on Android Phones…

Download Android Games

The very first when it comes to enjoying mobile games on your Android powered devices is to decide on which game to opt for. Deciding on the game can be a bit confusing. Why? Because, there are millions of games on the Google Play Store. If you are newbie, figuring the right game might prove a bit difficult. But nothing to worry. We are here to guide through the entire process.

The easy way is to figure out your likes and hobbies. Are you a football fan, puzzle, racing, adventure, shooting or sport kind of person? Your answer to the above question will decide your next course of action. Assuming your answer fall within the ‘racing’ category, the you simply have to visit the play store. Once there, navigate to the ‘racing’ game category. Once there, you will have a lot of racing games to choose from.

If you are overwhelmed by the numerous options available you can decide to sort the racing games according to popularity and users’ ratings. That way you will have a feel of what is currently trending and widely played.

The next step once you have figured out the game you will be going after is to click on the download button. By clicking on the download button, you are authorizing the download of the selected game to your Android device. The download can take between 1 – 10 minutes to download depending on the speed of your internet service. So, be patient while the game downloads.

Once the game is download 100%, it is time to install! Don’t worry. Installing a game is easy, simple and straight forward. All you have to do is click the install button and sit back and wait for the installation process to begin. How long the installation process will take is also a function of your phone. A phone with fast processing power and big RAM will take less than a minute for the entire installation process to be completed.

Once the installation is done, you will be ready to start playing the Android game.