Cooking Fever Hacks 2019 For Free Gems


People are more fond of playing games that to people who are foodie, they desire to play cooking games. Cooking fever game is one of the best cooking simulation game were players have to manage restaurants and serve customers with foods and drinks. The main work of the player is to serve food to the customer and earn money which in turn can be used to upgrade their kitchen with new kitchen appliances. Moreover, the player needs to make kitchen with interior features in order to reach higher levels in the game. The player can continue the game in three different modes such as

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the strategies and techniques that you can you to get free Cooking Fever hack and cheats for generating unlimited free gems.

  • First mode: in this mode the player has to manage ten restaurants located in the city such as Fast food court, bakery, Chinese restaurant, Indian meals, seafood, Morning cafe, sports bar and hell’s kitchen.
  • Second mode: here the player has to manage 8 restaurants – ice cream bar, paradise cocktail bar, corn dog van, dwelling of crab, evening waffles, Thai food stall and Sirtaki Taverna which are located in Paradise Island.
  • Third mode: player has to look six restaurants namely Smokey grill BBQ, aloha bistro, Michelle’s café and alpine meat palace which are located in alpine mountains.

Apart from this player can manage fast food while starting the game and manage other restaurants in the higher levels of the game. In each restaurant there are separate 40 levels which have to be cleared by the player in order to reach next level. At each clearance the player is awarded with coins and gems which is used for unlocking higher levels in the game.

How earn free gems and coins in the game?

The player needs more gems and coins to unlock the higher levels of the game which is not possible in ordinary gameplay. Mostly impatient players spend their real money to buy gems and coins in the game rather some player’s use hack mod applications to earn unlimited free coins and gems. There are several hack mod application available in the open source which act as a third party application and credit unlimited gems and coins to the gaming account. Now many people can think how to install these hacking applications to the device here are steps given below.

  • Step 1: open the online gem generator application in the playing device
  • Step 2: enter the username once the application is opened.
  • Step 3: once the tool accessed it would ask for further details like email id and desired gems and coins.
  • Step 4: the player can code the desired gem value and give submit.

Once the player complete all the above steps then the desired gems and coins will automatically credited to the player’s gaming account.

By using this application the play can earn free gems and coins to the gaming account even the hacking tool has some restrictions while using these tool the player should not change the date and time of the device and the player is allowed to use this tool once in a day.