Three Best Gaming Smart Watch Brands For 2019

Hello guys and welcome to this episode of our gaming tutorial. Today, we want to discuss an issue that a lot of our subscribers has been requesting. We have kind of been ignoring the topic for a while. But from the loads of emails that we are getting on a daily basis it is obvious that the topic need prompt and urgent attention. That is why we decided to dedicate todays post on addressing the issue of best gaming smart watches in 2019. If you have already purchased your gaming smart watch, we encourage you to follow along as there may still be few tips that you can pick. If yu=ou have not already acquired yours, then following along and learn what the current trending watch brands are and which model to shop for when you finally decide to buy.

Gaming Smart Watch Evolution

Before proceeding any further, it would be helpful to see how far wrist watch has evolved! As we all know, the traditional watches were designed to only perform one single function. That one single function was to tell time accurately. Later, other features such as alarm functions were added t ensure that we stay on top our important daily schedules. But todays modern world has witnessed dramatic ramification in watches. We are talking modification that has widen and broaden the limits of wrist watch functionalities. These days, it is no longer a surprise that wrist watch in addition to telling time can perform other advanced and complex functions such as monitoring heart rate and blood pressure. Also, we can keep tap on our game scores and crucial notifications all from the main dial window of our wrist watches. Ladies and gentlemen, such watch are known as “Smart Watch”.

Fast-forward to today, we have lots of smart watches of different sizes, colors, shapes, designs from different manufacturing companies all clamoring for our attention and limited resources. The big question now is; which brand is to be trusted and which model of smart gaming watch is ideal for my needs? hopefully, after perusing this article, you must have found answers to your questions. Without any further delay, lets now address the brands of smart watches that you can patronize with your limited and scarce resources. As you will find out, some of these smart watches falls into the categories of best watches under 100 dollars. Yes, it is reasonable cheap and affordable.

Best Gaming Smart Watches for Your Money

Samsung: Even a blind dude could have seen this coming mile away. Samsung is not just a force to be reckon with in the home appliances industry, they are also are a force to be contended with in the smart gadgets industry especially in the smart watch terrain. They have one of the best gaming smart watches. Their flagship gaming smart watch is the Gear 3 models. It is designed to work on nearly all Android smart phones.

Apple: the second contender on our list of best gaming smart watch brands is the famous Apple brand. Apple is leading in lots of electronic niches so it is not surprising that they are also contending for greater market share in the smart watch niche. However, Apple gaming smart watch may not be suitable for folks or for all devices. Apple smart gaming timepiece are designed for iOS devices. that means that it may not be compatible with any other Operating system except their very own dedicated OS.


Cooking Fever Hacks 2019 For Free Gems


People are more fond of playing games that to people who are foodie, they desire to play cooking games. Cooking fever game is one of the best cooking simulation game were players have to manage restaurants and serve customers with foods and drinks. The main work of the player is to serve food to the customer and earn money which in turn can be used to upgrade their kitchen with new kitchen appliances. Moreover, the player needs to make kitchen with interior features in order to reach higher levels in the game. The player can continue the game in three different modes such as

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the strategies and techniques that you can you to get free Cooking Fever hack and cheats for generating unlimited free gems.

  • First mode: in this mode the player has to manage ten restaurants located in the city such as Fast food court, bakery, Chinese restaurant, Indian meals, seafood, Morning cafe, sports bar and hell’s kitchen.
  • Second mode: here the player has to manage 8 restaurants – ice cream bar, paradise cocktail bar, corn dog van, dwelling of crab, evening waffles, Thai food stall and Sirtaki Taverna which are located in Paradise Island.
  • Third mode: player has to look six restaurants namely Smokey grill BBQ, aloha bistro, Michelle’s café and alpine meat palace which are located in alpine mountains.

Apart from this player can manage fast food while starting the game and manage other restaurants in the higher levels of the game. In each restaurant there are separate 40 levels which have to be cleared by the player in order to reach next level. At each clearance the player is awarded with coins and gems which is used for unlocking higher levels in the game.

How earn free gems and coins in the game?

The player needs more gems and coins to unlock the higher levels of the game which is not possible in ordinary gameplay. Mostly impatient players spend their real money to buy gems and coins in the game rather some player’s use hack mod applications to earn unlimited free coins and gems. There are several hack mod application available in the open source which act as a third party application and credit unlimited gems and coins to the gaming account. Now many people can think how to install these hacking applications to the device here are steps given below.

  • Step 1: open the online gem generator application in the playing device
  • Step 2: enter the username once the application is opened.
  • Step 3: once the tool accessed it would ask for further details like email id and desired gems and coins.
  • Step 4: the player can code the desired gem value and give submit.

Once the player complete all the above steps then the desired gems and coins will automatically credited to the player’s gaming account.

By using this application the play can earn free gems and coins to the gaming account even the hacking tool has some restrictions while using these tool the player should not change the date and time of the device and the player is allowed to use this tool once in a day.

Four Best Honor Smartphones for Exceptional Gaming Experience

Honor has promptly become a popular brand in France because of smartphones with a really superior price/quality ratio. Like any self-respecting manufacturer, there are actually diverse ranges of devices and it could in some cases be difficult to navigate with all these references. Lite, A, X and even far more not too long ago the Play variety … which Honor smartphone truly fits your budget? Find the most effective Honor items and our detailed critiques!

Before discussing the Honor brand catalog, it’s important to clarify exactly where this manufacturer comes from. Honor is really a brand owned by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. It was developed to occupy the entry-level market with no harming the image of the Huawei brand, but with less prestigious items than the P or Mate series. On the other hand, Honor items are now obtaining a great location on the French market place.

As you may see, Honor goods are finest recognized for their fantastic value for cash. Nonetheless, this does not stop the Chinese manufacturer to offer each low-priced smartphones and smartphones that are close to high-end models of some competitors.

Using our detailed guide, locate the ideal references with the manufacturer in accordance with your spending budget.

Honor 10

Honor 10 Mobile PhoneThe top rated of the variety of Honor is represented by the Honor 10 which stands out for its excellent efficiency, equivalent for the Huawei P20. So, we find a SoC Kirin 970 supported by 4 or six GB of RAM to get a perfectly smooth user experience. Its autonomy is quite respectable because of its battery of 3400 mAh as well as the recharging is accomplished via a USB connection Type-C.

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The Honor 10 functions a 5.84-inch borderless screen using a complete HD + definition of 2280 x 1080 pixels and its style on the back and merely hypnotizing. It runs natively on Android 8.1 Oreo with all the custom interface EMUI eight. Two and enjoys a storage space of 64 or 128 GB. Around the side on the photo, it is actually based on a dual 16 + 24-megapixel photo sensor that ‘is undertaking very properly for this price tag variety.

Honor 10 Pros

A neat and hypnotic style

Higher functionality worthy of a high-end smartphone

A really correct photo aspect for this value range

Honor Play

Honor Play Mobile PhoneThe Honor Play is Huawei’s brand response to Xiaomi and its Pocophone F1: a really high-performance answer at a very inexpensive value. As a result, it capabilities a 2.4GHz Kirin 970 SoC, supported by 4GB RAM, to supply a smooth user encounter and optimal comfort at stake. the P20 Pro provided him using a handful of hundred euros added.

The Honor Play is equipped using a screen of 6.3 inches IPS Complete HD + of great good quality and is identified, too, spotted by a notch on the upper aspect. Furthermore, its autonomy is greater than comfortable with its battery of 3750 mAh and charging through USB-C can nonetheless take a number of additional percentages really swiftly. As for its photo part, it is actually fairly satisfactory using a dual 16 + 2-megapixel principal sensor along with a 16-megapixel front camera, but absolutely nothing revolutionary (think to disable the AI for more natural and fair colors). Ultimately, the phone runs Android eight.1 Oreo with all the manufacturer’s EMUI eight.2 interface.

Honor 8X

Honor 8X SmartphoneThe Honor 8X would be the final representative from the X variety from the manufacturer. Even though it’s physically closer for the Honor Play and Honor 10, the 8X is much more generous in its dimensions with its broad slab of six. Five inches in Full HD + definition of 2340 x 1080 pixels, rather balanced elsewhere. It is also the third smartphone manufacturer to adopt a notch around the top of your screen (the truth that it truly is the third reference within this guide is rather fortuitous).

Tips and Tricks For Fortnite V Bucks Game

v bucks hackWelcome to our fortnite v bucks guide and tips. We are bringing you the guide in the hope that you will be able to get better results and high game score. Now, the tips and tricks we share on our website is very easy and simple to implement. You don’t any special skills or techniques before you can start using the tips. Just make sure that you follow along and implement all the steps discussed. Then generating unlimited free fortnite v bucks will become a thing of fun.

Use Fortnite V Bucks Hack

A blind man could have seen this one coming from afar. Hacking fortnite free v bucks has many advantages that no one in his or her right sense could afford to ignore. When starting, you want to ensure that you get the latest v bucks hack that is compatible with your version of the game. It is only then that you can afford to generate unlimited free v bucks for your fortnite game.

Never ever make the initial move

Sounds funny, nevertheless it is. Fortnite favors the reacting player as opposed for the acting player. For many opening moves, the opponent features a counter-attack for less elixir and if it can be only with the aid of his own tower.

A good opening once you attain ten elixir will be the splitting of swarm units on your own king’s tower. Playing two archers or four skeletons within the middle behind your personal king’s tower will earn you much more elixir and may be applied within a subsequent push or defense.

You’ll want to not tie also much Elixir on one of the strategies to begin. You run the danger of being unable to counterattack around the other way.

Card level is King in Deckbau

Moreover, to superior elixir management, the use of right counter-cards plus a superior attack mixture, the card level could be the most significant factor that decides about victory and defeat.

No less than at the beginning, a deck ought to consist predominantly of ordinary cards, as you may enhance them a great deal more quickly. The amount of rare cards needs to be restricted to a few, and while epic cards are good, they may be pretty hard to improve. Legendary cards should really pretty much normally be utilized regardless of the card level, as they provide exceptional positive aspects.

Practice tends to make best

Good results using a deck just isn’t only dependent on card level, composition, counter and attack combinations, but above all on how effectively you realize your deck and how properly it is possible to play it.

Just like in Avakin life game, being able to play a true counterattack or working attack in any predicament comes using a great deal of playing time plus a fantastic understanding of what your deck and cards can do in detail.

So, to obtain improved and win extra, it makes sense to remain having a deck and only make individual modifications gradually, obtaining learned the strengths and weaknesses of the personal deck.

Ticket placement

Enough theory, we come to practice. Each on offense and on the defensive a single ought to consciously play his cards inside the correct position.

Around the defensive, a well-placed constructing within the middle of its personal half can completely neutralize a hazardous pig rider. Naturally, this also works against units that have no developing focus. Thus, a centrally placed defensive knight can draw a total opposing push on himself.

To strategy a significant offensive, you may spot troops by yourself king’s tower. Until they reach the middle or perhaps the opposite half, you’ve got regenerated loads of Elixir and may attack with more than ten Elixir in units and spells.

Moreover, you need to avoid on the offensive that vulnerable units in the concentrate with the opposing towers. All you’ve to do is ensure that the a lot more resilient units reach the concentrate of your opposing tower first.

Join a clan

Despite the fact that we are not at Clash of Clans, you’ll find clans in Fortnite. These bring many advantages and not merely make playing sociable, but additionally accelerate progress.

In a clan, by requesting cards, you may rapidly upgrade your deck and work toward upgrading a specific card.

In return, by donating cards, you could gather gold to upgrade your cards and encounter points to increase your player’s level.

Final but not least, there’s the so-called Clankampftruhe, which you are able to earn as well as his clan colleagues on the weekend. Each participant will acquire a reward at the commence in the new week.

Every day the pig rider greets

Within the order in which cards are played, additionally they return to the player’s hand. This implies that in case your opponent plays a pig rider, he will once more possess a pig rider in his hand soon after four cards happen to be applied.

Everyone who makes a habit of keeping an eye on the opponent’s map rotation knows when the opponent can’t counter a particular card or what he will attack.

How to Get Free Avakin Life Coins

Looking for the best Avakin life free coins generator? If yes, then your search for ava coins ends right on this web page. by the time you are done perusing our website, getting free coins for Avakin life game will become easy and fun. With a few clicks of buttons, your game profile will be flooded with unlimited free coins that you can use for many purposes. Sounds like something you do be interested in? if so, then let’s get started.

Before we get started, there are few things that you should have handy. In the following paragraphs, we will attempt to summarize the basic requisites in easy and simple language that everyone can understand.

Avakin Life Free Coins: The Requisites

Smart Mobile Devices

free avakin life coinsThe starting point of a successful ava coins hacking is a phone. Not just any phone but a smart phone to deploy with working avakin life hack generator. Not just any kind of smart phone but a fast and robust smart mobile device that can multi-task effortlessly. The phone will need to have a large RAM; say from 2 GB and above. RAM is that integral part in a phone that is responsible for receiving and storing instructions to be processed by the processor. The size of your phone RAM will determine how fast instructions are received and processed. When it comes to hacking free Avakin life coins, you really want your device to fly. I do recommend going with phones that have from 3 GB and above. But I understand that not everybody will have the budget to finance such project. So, for those without ample budget, stick with 2 GB RAM phones. But if money is no issue for you, then we recommend going with phones packing 3 GB RAM and above. It will be well worth your investment.

Aside from the RAM, you will also need to look out for the processing power of the phone. The processor handles all the commands that your phone receives from the RAM. Usually, a phone with bigger processing power eliminates all traces of lags. Your game plays smoothly without freezing. That’s the experience you should be looking for in all your gaming adventures. As a rul of thumb, don’t settle for anything below 2.5 GHz processing speed. Anything below that threshold will result in a gaming experience that will not be far from frustration.

Then finally, you will need to consider the size of battery in your mobile device. Nobody wants to experience a sudden blank screen in the middle of an interesting game. Gone are the days when 3,000 AH batteries were sufficient. These days, because of the HD nature of most mobile games, you want a phone with battery capacity that will handle all the HD requirements. On that basis, go for phone with 3700 AH and above for a long lasting gaming experience.

How to Download Install Android Games in Five Easy Steps

We are going to take a completely different route today! In other words, we will be doing something completely different from our normal way of doing things. So, I have been getting a lot of emails on how to install Android games on an Android powered devices. if you fall into the category of such people then smile because today is your lucky day. We will show you in a step-by-step process how to find, download, install and start playing best android games on your mobile phone. If you are excited, let’s get started.

Installing Mobile Games on Android Phones…

Download Android Games

The very first when it comes to enjoying mobile games on your Android powered devices is to decide on which game to opt for. Deciding on the game can be a bit confusing. Why? Because, there are millions of games on the Google Play Store. If you are newbie, figuring the right game might prove a bit difficult. But nothing to worry. We are here to guide through the entire process.

The easy way is to figure out your likes and hobbies. Are you a football fan, puzzle, racing, adventure, shooting or sport kind of person? Your answer to the above question will decide your next course of action. Assuming your answer fall within the ‘racing’ category, the you simply have to visit the play store. Once there, navigate to the ‘racing’ game category. Once there, you will have a lot of racing games to choose from.

If you are overwhelmed by the numerous options available you can decide to sort the racing games according to popularity and users’ ratings. That way you will have a feel of what is currently trending and widely played.

The next step once you have figured out the game you will be going after is to click on the download button. By clicking on the download button, you are authorizing the download of the selected game to your Android device. The download can take between 1 – 10 minutes to download depending on the speed of your internet service. So, be patient while the game downloads.

Once the game is download 100%, it is time to install! Don’t worry. Installing a game is easy, simple and straight forward. All you have to do is click the install button and sit back and wait for the installation process to begin. How long the installation process will take is also a function of your phone. A phone with fast processing power and big RAM will take less than a minute for the entire installation process to be completed.

Once the installation is done, you will be ready to start playing the Android game.

Three Game Hacks That Will Change Your Gaming Experience

A lot of people have mixed feelings when it comes to how well they enjoy their mobile games. For some, it’s an experience they always look forward to. For others, it’s something they rarely want to experience again in their lifetime. The reasons for these varying experiences are diverse and numerous. The purpose of this article is not to dwell on these factors. Rather, we are concerned with proposing permanent solutions to the identified mobile gaming problems.

In tackling the problems, we will recommend basic rules that should be followed to ensure that your gaming experience is fun filled! Before we get started, you should be aware that the rules discussed are from our personal experience. Experience that we have gathered over the years playing different mobile games on different devices. So, without any further delay, let’s get right into the business of the day.

Game Hacks For Unparallel Gaming Experience

game hacks

Ensure Your Battery is Fully Charged

I see a lot of folks make the simple of attempting to play games with a half-drained phone battery. In our experience, it always leads to bad ending. Imagine your phone screen turning blank just before you complete a very difficult stage. That’s something that no one ever wants to experience. To prevent such from happening, ensure that you charge phone battery 100% before beginning your favorite game.

Generate Ample Coins, Gems and Diamonds

Every game makes use either of the three mentioned resources or all of them. these resources help to perform game upgrades easily and swiftly. You can upgrade to better weapon such as guns, knives and grenades. For other games like subway surfers, you can upgrade to surfer board which triples your chances of evading the inspector and his dog that’s always on your trail. Also, Gems, Coins and Diamonds allows you to buy extra lives to keep on playing the game. Can you imagine a gaming adventures without these resources generously supplied? I don’t know about you, for me, it would be dam disgusting and frustrating.

Hence the reason why some people find it frustrating to play some games. To guide against these negative feelings, always ensure that your resources are fully loaded. However, loading different game resources can be confusing and tricky! This is especially for those people that have no prior experience with hacking game coin, diamonds and gems. Wait! There is good news. There are resources available online that can teach you everything you need to begin generating unlimited free coins, gems and diamonds.

Make use of Good Gaming Devices

Let’s start this section by stating that every phone is not the same. Mobile phones differs from one another in different dimensions. Some are designed to consume multimedia files while other are designed to capture HD pictures and video files. Yet, others are engineered to become monsters in running High Definition Mobile Games. So, ensure that the phone you are using are designed for the purpose you are currently putting into. Buy gaming phone for playing games. Following this single rule will improve your gaming experience in ways you could never have imagined.